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TNT Stables offers a well balanced, professional lesson program for students varying from beginner to advanced with an emphasis on safety. Regardless of prior experience, all new student's are initially assessed in a one hour private session, where skill level and comprehension is determined. From there, a rough estimate of how many private lessons must be taken before the student can be moved into a group session is discussed.

TNT Stables does not currently offer permanent private sessions, but does emphasize building a strong foundation beforehand so the rider feels completely comfortable and competent in the group setting. Our hour long one on one sessions coach each student through everything from catching, leading, tying, understanding horse behavior, proper grooming, tacking up, warming up, to cooling down, and properly removing tack and equipment and putting everything away.

We offer both Western and English, with a focus on balanced riding technique, which empowers the rider with a competent, effective set of skills which are applicable to any discipline from Dressage to Western Pleasure. We specialize in teaching competitive barrel racing and jumping, as well as basic Equitation and Horsemanship. We start students as young as 7 years old in our Private Lesson Program. If your child is under the age of 7, a pony ride may be a perfect fit!

Private Lessons are $200 per month for 4 weekly one hour sessions.

You may "try us out" with one private lesson or individual pony ride for $60.

Our Group Lesson Program is the perfect fit for established students who already know and understand basic riding techniques, safety, and emergency protocols when riding. These fun, engaging lessons offer a challenge to the rider as they learn to perfect their riding ability while navigating through and learning to communicate with a group of other riders. This style of lesson is a great way to make new friends and build camaraderie amongst fellow students.

In order to maintain the integrity of the group lesson, we do not allow our groups to be any larger than 6-7 horse and rider pairs per lesson. Usually, our groups lessons are given in 2 hour sessions, even though we charge each client a one hour lesson rate. This helps ensure that each student is given quality instruction during the time of their lesson, and that the volume of riders is not overwhelming and diluting the quality of instruction being given.

Because our group lessons are two hours long, but each client is paying for one hour sessions, we do not offer make up lessons for missed group lessons unless the total hours for the month equal to less than 4. A student may then contact us to schedule a Saturday morning make up session according to availability.

Member Pricing
Private Lessons - $200/month

Group Lessons - $150/month

Pony Ride - $60 (single session)

Trail Ride - $60 (single session)

Non-Member Pricing
Private Lessons - $60 (single session)