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Frequently Asked Questions

Group Lesson Questions

Q: How can I schedule a make up lesson?
A: Make up lessons are scheduled by request for those who qualify. In order to qualify for a make up lesson you must have less than 4 HOURS worth of riding lessons in for the entire calendar month. For example, if you only got one 2 hour lesson in July, you may request to schedule a 2 hour make up lesson on an available day in August. This will not impact your normally scheduled lessons or the amount you pay per month for lessons.

Q: Why can't I make up a lesson unless I'm under 4 hours (2 lessons) for the entire month?
A: In our program, those participating in our group lesson membership plan are paying for 4 hours per month, but are offered double that time. A good way to think of it is in annual terms. There are 52 weeks in a year. If you take weekly one hour lessons, that's 52 hours per year you can potentially ride. By giving 2 hour sessions, you have the opportunity to get 104 hours in annually. So, even if you miss two month's worth of lessons, you will still get more hour's in for the YEAR than you actually paid for. You would have to miss 6 month's worth of lessons before reaching any sort of a "breakeven".

Q: I only plan to take group lessons for part of the year. Do I still have to pay all year round?
A: No, but you must make your intentions clear from the start. We use an automatic recurring invoicing system, and can set it to end on a specific date. That being said, anyone who goes too long between group lesson sessions may have to re-enter the program starting with private lessons to re-establish a safe, capable skill level appropriate for group lessons. We also cannot guarantee a slot for you if you opt out of our program, and you may wind up on our wait list.

Q: Can I pay for bi-monthly group lessons or pay as I go for group lessons?
A: No. We currently do not offer these options. If you can only attend lessons every other week due to scheduling conflicts, you are still likely to get over 52 hours annually.

Private Lesson Questions

Q: How do I schedule a private make up lesson?
A: If you have gotten less than 4 hours for the month total of private lesson time in, you may go online to and schedule a make up lesson through our "make an appointment" button. This is best done from a PC.

Q: Can we remain in private lessons if we prefer not to take group lessons?
A: Sometimes. Private lessons are designed to get the rider to a place where they are confident and competent both in the saddle and on the ground, and are ready to safely navigate a group. There are many great benefits to group lessons, as they encourage the building of social skills and teach rider's how to navigate a group of other rider's. This is an important skill to learn if a rider ever intends to show, trail ride, or board a horse at a facility some day. Moving private lesson rider's into groups also helps move along our wait list and accommodate a higher volume of rider's than we could if we allowed student's to remain private. That being said, some students do require more private time than others and we will always try to accommodate that.

Q: We have prior riding experience. Why can't we immediately start out in group lessons?
A: TNT Stables believes in having strong fundamentals and a solid, secure seat and leg prior to learning how to use the reins. This means that all students are initially started on the lunge line to determine the balance and security of the seat. Every student must be able to execute an emergency one reined stop and emergency dismount before they will be allowed into group lessons. This helps ensure that our lessons are as safe as possible, and encourages everyone involved to glean the maximum benefits from each lesson possible. Even student's who have experience and know some of these fundamentals will be started in private lessons because there is a good chance they are lacking something in their foundation and they need to know it before moving on. TNT Stables is interested in producing excellent, capable rider's. We are in no rush, and will not compromise our values simply to "push student's through". That being said, we will move you into group lessons as soon as you are ready in order to move along the wait list and give as many rider's as possible the opportunity to ride as we can.

Payment Questions

Q: If I miss a month of lessons, Can I skip payment for that month?
A: No. If you intend on returning to lessons the following month, you must still pay the full membership fee on time to avoid late charges. Failure to pay at all will result in being removed from the lesson program. If you are removed, you may be immediately replaced by someone from our waiting list.

Q: Why am I being charged a $25 late fee?
A: All invoices are due the 1st of every month, with a "grace period" through the 5th. After the 5th, all unpaid invoices will be assessed a late fee of $25 every week they are late. This means late fees will be assessed on the 6th, 13th, 20th, and 27th . Failure to pay after a second late fee is assessed, you will be removed from our program and replaced by a rider on our wait list. In order to re-enroll in lessons, you must make your invoice current and join the wait list you qualify for.

Q: I see there's a transaction fee on the invoice. What is that for?
A: Square charges us a small fee to do business through them. This fee is to cover our costs. You can avoid paying the fee by paying via cash or check by the due date.

Q: Where can I mail a check payment?
A: Please mail all checks to:

140 Pearl Chamber's Drive
Dawsonville Ga, 30534

Q: Who do I make checks payable to?
A: You may make checks payable to both TNT Stables and Brittany Wilcox.

Q: Do you offer refunds?
A: No. TNT Stables does not offer refunds for any reasons.

Boarding Questions

Q: Do you offer boarding?
A: Yes! We are a natural care facility and offer a very specific type of care geared toward keeping the horse in a way that is healthier for the horse. Please inquire for more details or visit our Boarding page for more information.

Q: What is a Natural Care Facility (NCF)?
A: Natural horse care is based on over 5o year's of cumulative research which investigates the living standards of wild horses in comparison to their domestic counterparts. Typically, wild horses are healthier with lower parasite loads, less incidents of founder, colic, ulcers, and other diseases and chronic problems which seem to plague our domestic horses. They also tend to have "perfect" feet according to textbook standards. These intriguing findings have led to a paradigm shift in how many care for their domesticated horses. Slowly we are learning that optimizing turn out time and encouraging as much movement as possible is imperative to the horses will being. It has also been found that wearing horseshoes and feeding grains are detrimental to the horses health. By removing these things and feeding horses a mainly forage based diet, there is less incidence of general health, metabolic, behavioral, and other common problems associated with conventional horse care.

Q: How do you keep weight on horses fed a forage based diet?
A: Easily! Contrary to popular belief, a horse does not need a grain or commercial feed product to maintain a healthy weight. Horses that are fed at a rate of 1.5%-3% (depending on age, breed, and workload) of total body weight in hay per day will maintain a healthy body condition score.

Q: Can you take Hard Keepers or horses with chronic issues?
A: YES! While we can't promise to reverse or cure certain illnesses or ailments, we are well versed in many chronic issues a horse may have, ranging from the difficulties associated with old age to metabolic disorder's like Equine Diabetes, Insulin Resistance, Cushing's Disease, etc. Often times these horses thrive in a more natural setting where conventional care has failed them.

Q: Do you allow horses who wear shoes to board with you?
A: No. We are a natural care facility, so we do not allow conventional care practices like shoes. 30 year's of research has shown that horseshoes are the leading cause of lameness in horses. We furnish all of our boarder's with a master barefoot care practitioner who trims on a 6 week cycle. We can modify this cycle to a shorter rotation for corrective issues depending on an individual's needs. Have a master barefoot trimmer you love? As long as they are up to par with the standards of our facility, you are welcome to use your own practitioner! We do not allow "Farriers" who give "pasture trims".

Q: Why don't you allow grain or commercial feed?
A: Grain products and most commercial feeds cause serious problems in our equine counterparts. Horses are not designed to be fed such concentrated amounts of sugar and simple carbs. They are designed to digest high quality fats and fiber. Grains are known to cause ulcers, nervousness, serious behavioral problems, colic, founder, and eventually lead to irreversible diseases like diabetes and insulin resistance. Think of feeding grain like feeding your child candy as their main diet. That would have terrible repercussions! It is the same with our horses. There are a few small companies who make a more natural feed product for horses. We do allow some of these products, but must carefully inspect and approve them before allowing them to be fed.

Miscellaneous Questions

Q: How do I sign up for a trail ride?
A: You must first be a member of TNT Stables and have taken a private lesson or series of private lessons to qualify. For liability reasons, trail rides are not open to the general public.

Q: Can I lease a horse from TNT Stables?
A: Periodically, TNT Stables offers half leases and riding leases to paying clients. Contact us for more information.

Q: How do I join your show team?
A: Any student participating in group lessons can qualify for our show team. Show team members MUST continue in weekly group lessons in order to participate on our show team. Contact us for more information.

Q: Did you change your name?
A: No. Someone else's business, operated by a different person, and in a completely different way from how Brittany Wilcox runs TNT Stables was previously located at this address. We do not know or have contact with those who operated this business. If you purchased a Living Social Voucher, Groupon, or other service from them and would like to redeem it, you CANNOT redeem it at TNT Stables, because we are NOT the business you purchased your voucher from. We suggest you contact the vendor through which you made your purchase.