Instilling Confidence :: Nurturing Passion

TNT Stables believes that the young horse enthusiasts of today are the face of the horse industry tomorrow. We are dedicated to teaching each child about whole horse care. Packed with fun-filled games and activities, our encouraging, positive environment with a focus on education, teamwork, and confidence building makes for a great learning experience for all children.

Our camp is complete with instruction on horse care, including daily chores, grooming, body language, basic first aid, ground work, training, nutrition advice, and visits from local professionals like an Equine Dentist, Equine Chiropractor, Master Barefoot Trimmer, and more!

Each child will be evaluated for skill level, confidence, understanding of concepts being taught, and then get the chance to participate in a short private or group riding lesson daily, tailored toward his or her skill level and age. Want to give your beginner rider a head start on horse camp? Sign up for private lessons before camp starts! This is a great way to introduce your child to our program and learn what to expect from TNT Stables.

While we are dedicated to teaching each child as much as we can about horse care and riding, we must be fair to our beginner's and understand what is reasonable to expect. 5 days is a very short time frame to expect a small child to learn to ride a horse correctly, safely, and independently. TNT Stables will not take short cuts to manufacture results, or ask too much of your child too soon, resulting in a possibly dangerous situation for your child. However, if you are interested in advancing your child's riding skills, weekly lessons are highly recommended and can be booked through the "Make an Appointment" button below.

Our beginner camp program accepts children ages of 5 and up who have had little or no experience around horses (this camp is also suited children who have had lessons in the past but have had a break from riding or feel they need a confidence boost).

Have a rider with experience? Our intermediate camp accepts more independent, experienced riders. Each applicant will be required to have their skill evaluated in a private lesson before they will be admitted into our intermediate camp. Please book this private session through our "Book an Appointment" button below.

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Some of the skills your rider will need to know for our intermediate camp are:

-The basic rules of navigating a group safely
-The one reined stop
-Emergency Dismount
-The sitting trot
-The posting trot (diagonal knowledge not required)
-Ask correctly for the canter (knowing leads not required)
-Basic/introductory understanding of lateral aids

Additional skills learned in our intermediate camp include basic lameness assessments, basic emergency vet care, and sometimes we even become CPR certified! Please contact us for a specific camp syllabus.

Beginner camp price: $400
Intermediate camp price: $500
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Beginner camp dates and times: All Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter camps follow the Forsyth County school calendar.

Summer Beginner Camp dates are usually the 1st and 3rd weeks of June and the 2nd and 4th weeks of July.

Summer Intermediate Camp Dates are TBD. Contact for details

Summer camp times are usually 8am-1pm and all other camps are usually 9am-2pm.

These dates and times are general guidelines. Contact us to double check the accuracy of these dates and times for the particular year you are planning to book a camp.