Instilling Confidence :: Nurturing Passion
TNT Stables

Comfortably nestled in the stunning foothills of the North Georgia mountains, TNT Stables stands as its own private oasis from the bustling suburban area's surrounding it. With miles upon miles of pristine trail throughout the protected woodland and natural habitats surrounding the farm, there is no shortage of that "middle of nowhere" feel despite being only minutes from home.

Mission Statement

TNT Stables is a Natural Care Facility, and it is important to us that we clearly communicate our value system to everyone who is considering becoming a part of our family. We are committed to building character and integrity in our rider's, and treating our equine counterparts like the intelligent, free thinking, feeling athletes they are. We believe proper equitation, effective communication, and a strong foundation are critical to building excellence in every horse and rider. We also believe that riding correctly enhances the horses movement, flexibility, balance, and strength, creating a foundation for which the equine will have less incidence of injury, refusal, and breakdown due to the demand of consistent work over a long period of time. In recognizing that horses are athletes who must be treated as such, TNT Stables will not work with horses who primarily eat grain, wear shoes, are ridden in leverage bits or other harsh devices, or are trained using force, coercion, or pain. While we believe in strict discipline and appropriate boundaries with horses, we will not work with horses who are not properly maintained in the area's of basic veterinary care, dental care, hoof care, nutrition, weight management, and massage and chiropractic therapies. While we at TNT Stables enjoy participating in competition on a regular basis, our end goal is not to obtain a first place or champion position with an attitude that dismisses the personal welfare of the rider or the horse. We compete to build character, confidence, and self esteem in both our rider's and horses, and to be encouraging to one another while doing our personal best.