Instilling Confidence :: Nurturing Passion
All Natural Horse Care
Being at the forefront of cutting edge research and current scientific studies to further our knowledge of excellent horse care, TNT Stables is proud to offer all natural horse care boarding. This means our horses are all on a forage based diet, barefoot, and spend the majority of their time outdoors where they can move freely. If conventional care has left you wanting more for your equine counterpart, perhaps it's time to make the switch.
Dedicated Riding Instruction
TNT Stables believes in the three C's: Caring, Competitive, Correct! This means we put an emphasis on communication, safety, and knowledge. Our goal is to produce well informed rider's who will one day not only be competent and compassionate horse owner's, but be amazing ambassador's as the new face of the horse industry.
Truly Unique Experience
With the Chattahoochee National Forest in our backyard, we can offer a trail riding experience to our student's and boarder's that no other equestrian facility can offer. Miles of stunning trails wind through the forest and to the river. Get "lost" and feel miles from home while still being minutes from town.